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Isabel HY Lin is a partner at Recharge FAYAF Capital Solutions. Before joining Recharge Capital, Isabel oversaw a $8.3Bn alternative portfolio at Cathay Life, the largest insurance company in Taiwan. During the one and half year at Cathay, Isabel conceived strategic plan for investment transformation and initiated a $2Bn Infrastructure program for company asset and liability match management. Prior to Cathay Life, Isabel spent seven years at Nan Shan Life spearheading the Alternative investment from scratch in 2013 and has been through multiple stage from primary fund commitment, co-investment to secondary sale across various strategies. Isabel led a team of 5 investment professionals managing a $12Bn portfolio by end of 2020 and Nan Shan has been one of the most sophisticated LP in Asia.

Isabel had also been an LP advisory board (LPAC) member for more than 50 funds and interacted closely with management team, SWFs and Pension Funds

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