Lorin Gu

Founding Partner

Lorin Gu is the founding partner of Recharge Capital, a thematic-focused investment fund. Lorin is primarily focused on identifying and developing theses for long-tail macro themes for Recharge, spanning across Fintech-Enablement, Women's Healthcare, Synthetic Biology, and Semiconductor-Enablement. Prior to founding Recharge, Lorin worked at Cyrus Capital, a US$ 4B+ hedge fund focusing on distressed assets and special situations in New York, and the Blackstone Group. Lorin is also the founder of Recharge Foundation, Founding Chair at Peterson Institute of International Economics' Global Future Council, an executive board member at the Museum of Art and Design, and the New York Foundation for the Arts, and an advisory board member at the Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University's Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Gu holds an A.B./S.M. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University, and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania.

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