Synthetic Biology

We are building a unique ecosystem that nurtures biotechnology-driven innovations for transforming consumer goods


Drive the shifts to sustainable living through laboratory born biotechnology to benefit everyday life.


The bio-impacted consumer market will get to at least 500 billion USD by 2030.


From R&D to Manufacturing to Consumer Distribution, a truly integrated ecosystem is being built

Focusing on new technology distribution


The Team

Founded by scientists and industry experts with over 50 years of collective experience in industrial microbiology The founding team has led the development of 8 products from concept to market


Global Operation

State-of-the-art bio-foundry and operation in Hangzhou, China. With technical leadership, IT infrastructure and business development in Lafayette, CA


Company Growth

Established in Sept 2019 and bio-foundry launched in Dec2020. Over 120 full-time employees with 80+ scientists, reach 180+employees by 2023EOY

Businesses in our portfolio

The consumer market in every aspect of life is growing fast while biotechnology becomes more mature


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