Semiconductor Enablements

Techno-nationalism and geopolitical conflicts create significant opportunities for spin-off and carve-outs of multinational semiconductor conglomerates, and we are partners with some of these magnets to create the new semi companies fitting for this current world


Market size in key semi-empowered growth applications


Capex spending in semi-empowered devices in 2022


Industrial businesses that can be automated by semiconductors

Investment Themes


Fundamental Evolution

of Semiconductor Technology Design and Manufacturing


Application of

Metaverse, AI in Transportation, Healthcare and Energy, Computin Power Growth


Future-Forward Products

and Services enabled by Semiconductors


Tech Developments

in Emerging Markets propelled by Semiconductors

Businesses in our portfolio

Semiconductors are the new oil - the technology acceleration is permeating throughout a wide array of vertical value chains, ranging from top-of-funnel chips to bottom-of-funnel applications
Lorin Gu, Founding Partner


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