Women’s Healthcare & Fertility

With a deep passion for the women's healthcare space and a firm belief in its tremendous growth potential, we offer a unique Thematic Strategy with a focus on IVF and Women's Healthcare.

This innovative strategy brings together esteemed partners, including Baylor College of Medicine, NUS Singapore Lab and Thomson Medical, to create a platform dedicated to advancing women's healthcare and fertility solutions. By leveraging our expertise in private equity due diligence and investing, we aim to identify and seize the most promising opportunities in the sector, while fostering innovation through incubation, spin-off, and carve-out initiatives.

Guided by our "invest, build, & acquire" model, we are committed to making a lasting impact on the women's healthcare industry by increasing the amount of service providers and quality of technology in the space.


IVF Market Size by 2030


of couples will use IVF by 2045


Key Emerging Markets to target

Our Thematic Focuses


IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)

IVF demand is experiencing significant growth across key regions, including Southeast Asia (SEA), Latin America (LATAM), European Union (EU), and the Middle East (ME).


Tech and Diagnostics Companies

Driven by the seamless integration of AI and cutting-edge diagnostics, new visionary companies are pushing the frontier of medicine to partner with clinics and bring better results and care to IVF and fertility patients.


Medical Tourism

The global stage is witnessing a remarkable surge in medical tourism for IVF, as patients cross borders in hope of advanced, cheaper, and more human reproductive solutions and treatment optionality.

Businesses in our portfolio

In our thematic strategy, all investments belong to the same vertical value chain. Only with a closed-loop integration of service providers and technology, will we truly be able to bring the change that patients deserve.
— Margaret Wang, Managing Partner, Women's Healthcare | Thematic Strategies


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