Thematic First

We believe that the traditional asset allocation model, which targets risk and return organized by geography or asset class, is no longer optimal. Rather, we target specific macro themes that cuts across geographies and asset classes, and identify long-term compounding alpha supported by irreversible trends.

We architect our strategies with innovative and incentive-aligned investment structures that "close the value loop" within a theme. This compounds value within our portfolio and builds long-term sustainable and defensible businesses.

FIRM structure



Integrated Platform Synergies

The Recharge platform includes multiple investment teams with varying sourcing networks and expertise. Taken in aggregate, we have an unique ability to combine interdisciplinary knowledge sets and communities to execute investments in a concentrated manner with global scale.


Industry Partnerships

Beyond investment capabilities, strategic value-adds often come in the form of manufacturing, distribution, & technical bottleneck solutions. For each strategy, we partner with one or more industry leading operating businesses and/or academic institutions to enable our holistic value-chain approach.


Cross Asset-Class Execution

We invest across asset classes within a particular theme and emphasize our expertise in sector specialization. With methodical research and deep conviction, alpha can be generated in both early and late stages and, even better, be maximized when capturing value in both simultaneously.

Businesses in our portfolio


Sector Integration Vehicles to advance the investment structure to close value loops


Continents of execution teams across North America, Asia, and Europe


of our strategies are top-decile performers against benchmarks

"Thematic foresight is not difficult, but discipline is. Investing in the right theme at the right time, place, and exposure is the unchanging mentality in a changing world."
— Recharge Capital

Technology innovation

Development and commercialization of new fundamental technologies that could bring material efficiency and improvement to the sector


Technology application

New or reinvented technologies that can be turned into concrete products to bridge the link between the scientific/engineering realm and the consumer realm


Business innovation

Service platforms and operating businesses that create better user experience and significant value propositions to modern consumers

Phase I: Access

Phase II: Upsell

Phase III: Regulation

The initial digitalization of a service/product that facilitates and betters a core consumer need of a general population..

After the population becomes accustomed to digital administration and utilization of a sector, additional services and products are created to meet demands beyond the basics.

Businesses that tackle either significant and deep-rooted inefficiencies generated by regulations and policies with new infrastructure, or risk mitigations and managements to refine the new sector dynamics created by the previous two phases.

Our impact

Recharge focuses
on multi-decade macro trends empowering global changes

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